Strawberry Canoe Glossary

Blog :

An online "diary" or type of website that often carries updates, news, people's thoughts and opinions. A blog can be attached to a standard website and be updated by you at any time.


Software on your computer that reads website code and displays the pages for you. Common browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. However, they each interpret the same web code slightly differently. This is a challenge for web designers! We aim to check your pages are displaying correctly and consistently, via each of the major browsers.

Domain Name:

A domain is the address at which your website can be found. For example


Flash is commonly used to make moving pictures eg slideshows, moving advertising banners or animation. However, it cannot be viewed with iphones or ipads.

Hosting :

Internet companies lease web space for people to see your site online . Your site will not be visible on the internet without web hosting.


The language web pages are often written in, then formatted with something called CSS (cascading style sheets).


A form of programming that has a variety of uses, including allowing a webpage to respond to what the veiwer does eg a picture changes as the mouse rolls over it. Javascript is often used to display slideshows.

Keywords :

Search words that people are likely to type in to Google etc, when they are looking for your website. Keywords are used in optimisation to help create a match to people's searches

Ranking :

Where your site appears on Google and other search engines (ie page one, two etc). Web sites are not instantly visible to search engines when uploaded to the internet, it takes a while for their software to find your site and catalogue it.

Search Engines:

Google, Bing and Yahoo are popular search engines, allowing you to type in keyword(s) to find websites based on those words

SEO/ Search Engine Optimisation :

Adapting your site to make it appear more easily in google and other searches
"On page" Optimisation – making changes to your website code and text that appears on the page, to help your site's visibility in search engines
"Off page" Optimisation – improving your site's search visibility by entering more information about your site elsewhere on the internet eg in directories like "Google Places"

Spiders :

The nick name for the Google software that "crawls" your site and looks for keywords