Logo Design & Branding

Strawberry Canoe understands logo design contributes to your visual branding, giving a consistent mark of quality across all web and print. A logo doesn’t have to say everything about you – rather it’s a snapshot of what you wish to convey – it’s power is in the ability to be quickly understood even at a very small size, yet still appealing at 100 times larger. A logo design should also work well in both monochrome or colour, without losing impact. And print well on a variety of surfaces too.


The Brief

The journey of a logo begins with taking a design brief. This is a joint process, we will start by discussing what branding means to you. Obviously, there are plenty of marketing theories out there, and maybe you have a strong reaction against hearing certain buzz words or theories. So lets simplify. What are you offering? Who are your customers? What do you they like about you?  Maybe you have really good attention to detail and a quality service, but your current identity doesn’t really convey this. We will look at what your competitors are doing and how you might stand out.  Perhaps there’s an untold aspect of your business thats particularly appealing. 


The Design Process

I will create an online mood board, pulling together general ideas about colours, and possible styles or themes. You will be able to not only view this, but to create your own mood board if you wish. Next step is for me to rough out ideas and think about what the main theme might be.  At this stage we may need to rethink or refine the idea, I will discuss the progression with you. At the end of this process, you will own your logo and supporting branding material in a high quality vector image file suitable for printing.


For information on using your logo, please visit the print design page.